Poetry and life


Poetry and life are pals that walk side by side and, in difficult moments, stand by and comfort each other.

Felicity Mat

Felicity Mat is of Greek-Jewish origin. She was born in Larissa, Greece, and received her primary and secondary education in Athens. She was awarded the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in education by Rallios Pedagogic Academy in Piraeus. She later earned two different degrees in psychology: a Master’s in Child Development and in Family Relations at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada. She worked as an educator, as a child psychologist and as a clinical psychologist. Her specialization in the treatment of adult psychiatric patients allowed her to get in touch with the deep suffering and pain that often characterize human existence. Her experience in this area encouraged her to write and publish metaphorical stories, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of clients who present psychological problems. Her relationship with psychology influenced the choice of the content of her poetic reflections.


In addition to publishing articles related to clinical psychology, Felicity Mat contributed to the understanding of the problem of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, with an article related to the need to respect historical evidence regarding the territories of Macedonia («Macédoine et respect de l’histoire», La Presse, Montréal, 3 juin 1994). Poetry has always fascinated her, and an active involvement in the creative process of poetry has been one of her most cherished activities, even though the production of her poetic work has been unevenly distributed over different periods of her life. The present volume is her first published book of poems.


The reader will find below the titles of metaphorical stories (or stories with a double meaning: an apparent one and another that is hidden) written by the same author in English or French, and published in periodicals related to clinical hypnosis.


«La danse des extrêmes: Histoire métaphorique au sujet de la modération». Hypnose-Québec, 2011,          vol. 8, no.1.

«Histoire métaphorique au sujet de l’injustice et de l’auto-esclavage». Hypnose-Québec, 2010,

         vol.7, no. 2.

«L’artiste-peintre : Histoire métaphorique». Hypnose-Québec, 2009, vol. 6, no.2.

«La rivière». Hypnose-Québec, 2009, vol. 6. no.1.

« Le jeu de cache-cache : Histoire métaphorique au sujet de la contrainte et de l’inconfort aux plans          physique et/ou psychologique». Hypnose-Québec, 2008, vol.5, no 2.

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“A Hypnotic Tale of a Child with Anger”. Newsletter of the American Society of Clinical

         Hypnosis, Fall 2005.