25/11/2011: Jewish Community of Larissa
...Your relationship to Psycology runs through the lyrics of your poems, which in many cases are wise syaings. Rest assured that your positive ideas and messages will solace the soul of readers, especially in today's tough times we live in...

25/11/2011: Nina Nahmias
Felicity Mat reproduces the clear echoes of her soul and carries them exactly as they vibrate inside her. It is a coming together of a young gril's internal world which was not spent in superficial and insipid wanderings, and that of a mature woman. Is is as well an internal world that has forever remained fresh, a rising tide, the longing for the homeland left behind. The memories, adorned with jewels ans perfumes emerge like the Cinderella of the fairy tale; the yards, the colourful flowers, jasmines, honeysuckles the warm colours of green, the gree of her father's house. This meeting with the past resembles the tragedy of someone who has whipwrecked in a country that has never been able to adopt him. Her very long experience as a psychologist is obvious in her discourse. This is something useful for her readers who, through her poetry's wanderings, will be able to answer many of their own internal doubts and concerns. Furthermore Felicity Mat cannot overlook the sharp pain of injust crime committed against her race. She celebrates friendship with a particular way of gratitude! Solitary runner, like all of us her loneliness becomes a tool with wihich she builds with patience ans issistence, a confirmation of understanding for herself and those around her. Her poems are brief letters addressed to herself, yet these can touch milions since all of us live the life of others!

06/12/2011: Evi Sarfati
Felicity Mat breaks her silence and enters the world of writers, opening her mind ans soul so that we can listen to her hidden echoes, And what a beauty is revealed... These splendid echoes are now sounding in our own mind and heart, touching the deeper part of our internal world, which neow can accept ideals, anguish, pain, but also light, optimism and a positive look towards life. If those are lost, then what? Dearest aunt, the echoes coming fromthe pages of your book, the bitterness for what is lost but also the optimism and joy for what remaines, vibrate with the force of their meaning and leave their imprint in the present and also the futre, I wish you well and remain, as always, dynamic and creative.

09/12/2011: Alexander Kathimikas
Your poes are a voyage to the beautiful, perfumed and romantic Athens of yesterday, seen through the eyes of the child you always were... With your elegies, you narrate what you heard from relatives and friends who survived the terrible Holocaust... With your poetic reflections, you heal our souls and give us hope for the future... «The Echoes of the sould and the mind» mirror the Greek ideals, the heroism and dynamism of your lieutenant-colonel father and the love and effection of your noble mother, both of whom we were priviledge to meet and with whom we enjoyed a strong and deep frienship fot three generations...

14/11/2011: Colliope Evgemidon
Your mind and soul impregnate your work as your writings adorn your noble stature. I have been honoured by reading your book and I mus thank you for that.

16/12/2011: Popi Galiatsaton
As a true Greek Jew, Felicity Mat loves the country where she was born and where Greek Jews have been living since classical times. At the time, she honours the history and the ancient religion of her people, the latter being the mother of the two prevailing religions in the world. As an educator and a clinical psychologist, she gives hope, joy, and heals those who suffer in their life from the cruelty of the modern society. As a poet, she embraces with her thoughts all the above and translates them in verses that, though her poems, entertain, question and teach people the love for life, even with its dificulties, as well as the value of human ideals and Greek knowledge despite the present difficult times.

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Poetry and critics


Poetry without critics looks like a stanza without lyrics and an atom without physics.

Felicity Mat