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In the secret garden of our soul

Reside the vestiges of our experiences

Held in the beginning of our existence.

It is difficult to find the weft

Which explains the complexity of their influence.


These traces appear without our awareness

In different parts of our body,

In the form of unknown thoughts and sensations

Bothering us and troubling us

With their indiscernible and strange expression…


And we continue walking

In the tortuous roadway of life

Bordered by ambiguities and adversities,

But also, by pauses of happiness and tranquility

So necessary for our survival.


The stress of being and properly appearing,

The impediment of the desire and its realisation,

The absence of personal gratification

And the intense preoccupation to please the other,

Become additional sources of dissatisfaction and discontent.


What to do to feel better?

What to do to suffer less?


Act and sustain!

Feel the present moment

And travel with your dreams.

Brighten up with the good moments

And embrace your solitude when it is necessary.


Lull yourself with your good memories,

And your future plans.

Forgive your weaknesses

And the lack of sensitivity

Of those who surround you.


Entwine in the cradle of your soul

To be comforted

To give pleasure to yourself

To be able to doze

And to be able to sleep well…

The different expressions of poetry


Elegies and poems, both creations of the mind, care only about cadence and rhythm, rhyme and symbolism, sonority and waving.

Aphorisms and poetic reflections human problems try to examine, and possible solutions for them try to provide.

Felicity Mat

Poem 5